5 Most Time-Consuming HR Tasks

The HR function, once focused on personnel administration, has evolved into a strategic player within organizations. Despite this positive development, HR professionals face a lack of time and resources, a challenge that technology can help overcome. Let's explore the HR tasks that can be automated to optimize the efficiency of this function.

5 Most Time-Consuming HR Tasks

What are the top 5 HR tasks to prioritize for automation?

How can time be freed up to assert a more strategic dimension? By relieving oneself from a maximum of administrative, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks, which can easily be digitized and for which human resources do not add value. 60% of HRDs consider the digitalization of HR processes to be an "extremely important" or "very important" element concerning the efficiency of the HR function (source: HR Barometer 2023, WTW, ABV Group, Groupe RH&M).

Document Signing

Most HR processes require signatures, whether it's for recruitment, career management, or time management. Document signatures are often tedious (what HR manager hasn't waited several weeks to get a simple signature?) and must be secure. Electronic signatures are gradually making their way into companies, as HR managers understand their benefits. Electronic signature can save a company 22,000 hours per year (source: The State Of E-Signature Implementation, Forrester).

Time, Schedule, and Absence Management

Managing working time is perhaps one of the most complex HR tasks: assigning work slots, exchanging schedules between employees, complying with working time regulations, managing replacements, etc.

Without a dedicated tool, managing time, schedules, and absences can quickly become a "headache" and harm productivity. Companies are increasingly turning to HRIS with a work time management module to simplify this complex and time-consuming task.

Raphaël Goyette, interim medical director of GMF-U Saint-Hubert, uses the Collaborative Intelligent Planning module of SIGMA-RH: "Previously, our schedule management process was quite archaic, managed on an Excel file. Everything was entered and counted by hand. It took a lot of time. We wanted to change software and unify everyone's schedules on a single platform to avoid double entries. This allows us to maximize everyone's time. We have reduced the production time by at least half thanks to automation."

Recurring HR Requests

Human resources are the privileged interlocutors of employees, who constantly solicit them for very practical questions: What is my leave balance? How do I join the company health insurance? What is the status of my training request? Where can I consult the report of my annual interview? Etc. Responding to these various requests is very time-consuming. Many of these requests can now be processed within an HRIS. Employees can thus access the information they want at any time and from anywhere. To learn more, read our section about the Shared Services Center module of SIGMA-RH.


The recruitment process consists of various stages, each of which can be (very) time-consuming: posting job offers, sorting resumes, inviting to interviews, responding to unsuccessful candidates, etc. Given the current recruitment difficulties, companies have every interest in automating the various stages of recruitment, to focus on the steps with higher added value: defining the need upstream of recruitment, interacting with candidates in interviews, integrating new hires into the company, etc.

Paper Document Management

The various HR activities generate a large amount of documents: employment contracts, amendments, training, recruitment, etc. Many of these documents must be filled out, scanned or photocopied, sent to different interlocutors, filed in employee folders, etc. Needless to say, handling paper documents is very time-consuming. The loss of time is even greater in companies with several hundred employees. An HRIS allows you to digitize paper documents. This leads to better organization and quick access to information. Of course, this reduces physical clutter and secures sensitive data.

Choose the best global HRIS

SIGMA-RH allows HR leaders to embody their strategic role thanks to a complete and flexible HRIS. It is a cloud-based platform consisting of five suites: Time, Talent, OHS, Labor Relations, and Administrative Management as the central pillar. This base allows integrating the suites and modules best suited to your HR challenges.

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HR Tasks: Key Figures

As part of a study conducted by Tissot Editions and PayFit (published in March 2022): 63% of HR professionals report spending at least half of their working time on administrative tasks, which takes time away from more value-added tasks. Out of an 8-hour workday, 26% of HR professionals think they spend 4 hours on administrative tasks. For 84% of HR professionals, managing absences via online tools or services is essential.

What are the benefits of digitizing human resources tasks?

The digitalization of human resources tasks brings numerous advantages for HR assistants, HR managers, and HRDs, as well as for employees.

Time saving: Low-value-added administrative HR tasks can be automated, thus being completed much more quickly.

Internal process optimization: Digitization reduces processing times and encourages rethinking validation processes for optimization. It also reduces error rates and document loss.

Data centralization and improved access to information: The digitization of HR tasks facilitates internal communication. It centralizes information, allowing easier access for everyone.

Improvement of the employee experience: Employee requests are processed faster and with fewer errors. Being able to check leave balances at any hour of the day or night, or tracking the progress of a training request in real-time, is something employees appreciate.

Repositioning of the HR function: By shedding less valuable HR tasks, human resources free up time and can focus on more strategic issues (developing HR strategy, working on company culture, etc.).

5 Most Time-Consuming HR Tasks 5 Most Time-Consuming HR Tasks 5 Most Time-Consuming HR Tasks 5 Most Time-Consuming HR Tasks 5 Most Time-Consuming HR Tasks

"Automating HR to Better Support Humans" For Isabelle Quintard, HR manager at SIGMA-RH, "this automation of HR tasks allows for better human support by focusing on missions such as feedback, engagement, talent management, satisfaction, and well-being at work."