Scheduling and Time Clock Module

Execute your planning actions and track entries and exits with precision using the Scheduling and Time Clock Module from SIGMA-HR. An integrated solution that combines performance and efficiency.

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Scheduling and Time Clock

Schedule Management: The Role of Time Clocks in Business

Managing and tracking team schedules can quickly become a headache for managers and HR departments.

Indeed, companies must comply with legal frameworks and collective agreements regarding work hours, breaks, rest periods, and overtime.

This is in addition to considering vacations, absences, remote work, travel, or unforeseen events.

Our module ensures simple and proactive management of your scheduling and reliable tracking of working hours thanks to time clocks.

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Better Control Over Payroll

Integrated into our comprehensive HCM solution, SIGMA-HR’s Scheduling and Time Clock Module allows you to quickly plan your employees’ schedules.

You will have access to all the necessary information to make coherent and efficient planning:

  • Forecasted absences
  • Scheduled medical appointments
  • Planned training days

You will anticipate planning challenges and find the best solutions to address them (overtime, temporary employment, etc.)

Legal Compliance Regarding Time

This software allows you to define the regulatory and conventional framework for time management.

  • Comply with labour standards, including the management of hours, breaks, and rest periods.
  • Be instantly alerted in case of non-compliant scheduling for quick correction.
  • Customize your solution according to your company's collective agreements for tailor-made schedule management.
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Employees Easily Record Their Time With the Time Clock

The SIGMA-HR time clock has multiple advantages and features.

  • Ensure the reliability of data collected by employees. The recording of entry and exit times is indisputable and tamper-proof.
  • Receive real-time alerts in case of absences or delays.

Depending on the company's needs, opt for a physical or virtual time clock. The latter offers numerous advantages.

  • It is accessible from a smartphone or a computer via the employee's HR portal.
  • It does not require the purchase and installation of a physical time clock.
  • It simplifies tracking the working hours of your mobile or remote workforce.

Key Features

  • Time models
  • Tasks and assignments
  • Planning cycles
  • Tracking of timekeeping anomalies
  • Visibility of schedules in self-service tools
  • Approval history
  • Automated processes/tasks
  • Differences between planned and worked hours
  • Implementation of management rules

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