Labour​ Relations Suite

SIGMA-HR facilitates communication between employees, their representatives, and the employer. Our Labour Relations suite will simplify the application of collective bargaining and the management of disciplinary measures.

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Labour​ Relations Management Suite

Bring Dialogue Back Into the Workspace

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Strengthen Internal Communication

Create a strong bridge between employees, representatives and management. Maximize clarity and efficiency in every exchange.

Effective Grievance Management

The tool allows for structured grievance management, ensuring fair resolution and reducing misunderstandings.

Compliance with Labour Regulations

Our specialized module assists you in managing collective agreements and disciplinary measures, ensuring compliance with current laws and regulations.

Optimization of Human Resources

By establishing harmonious labour relations, you will increase productivity and employee satisfaction, a major asset in the current context of labour shortage

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Successfully Digitize Your Labour Relations

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Modules Integrated Into Our HCM Solution

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Grievance, Agreements, and Disciplinary Measures Module

Opt for smooth administration of labour relations.

  • Handle and monitor individual and collective grievances.
  • Conduct administrative actions and conciliation procedures.
  • Document and monitor disciplinary measures.
  • Document collective agreement articles.

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signature électronique

Electronic Signature Module

Have all your HR documents signed, including those related to disciplinary measures.

Our electronic signature:

  • Is integrated into our HCM.
  • Significantly reduces your time-consuming tasks.
  • Features encryption protocols and identity verification mechanisms (OTP)

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Base RH

Core HR Module

Integrated into the Administrative Management suite, the Core HR module is the cornerstone of your HR management.

  • Quickly access complete employee files, organized chronologically for a clear view of their career progression.
  • Centralize HR data for easy access to key information such as absences and compensation.
  • Use this information in the Labour Relations module to efficiently manage grievances and administrative measures according to the characteristics of your employees.

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A Solution Made For You

Human Resources Managers

With SIGMA-HR, helps you comply with the legal framework, improve communication between employees and union representatives, and make decisions based on reports to improve the social climate.

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Employee Representatives / Union Delegates

Use our software to report issues, track employee requests, and participate in discussions on labour relations.

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Senior Management

Ensure your organization's regulatory compliance, optimize processes through automation, and support your strategic decisions with reliable data.

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Thanks to the software, employees can easily access information about their rights and report issues or concerns.

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Labour​ Relations Management Suite Labour​ Relations Management Suite Labour​ Relations Management Suite Labour​ Relations Management Suite Labour​ Relations Management Suite

"We were impressed by SIGMA-HR's customizability and user-friendliness. The centralization of all HR data saves us a considerable amount of time and avoids re-keying errors."

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Case Study

In a large company with 1000 employees, SIGMA-HR’s Labour Relations module is used to efficiently manage disagreements and grievances related to collective agreements.

HR managers use the module to record grievances, organize internal settlement procedures, and ensure transparent tracking of actions taken.

This allows management to address issues in a structured manner, ensuring compliance with collective agreements and legislation, while maintaining open dialogue with employees.

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