Accelerate your recruitment process

Finding the best talent to fill vacancies in your company is a time-consuming task for HR managers who must publish the job postings, identify the best candidates, organize interviews and notify all rejected candidates.

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Recruitment management module

It is important to manage efficiently the recruitment process because it allows you to develop your employer brand, retain new talents and build a positive employee experience.

The SIGMA-HR recruitment management module speeds up the recruitment process by automating administrative tasks and simplifying how you find the best candidates.


The SIGMA-HR recruitment management module allows department managers to submit their recruitment requests for existing positions or for new positions. For each recruitment request, they can specify the tasks and requirements (diploma, skills, licenses, etc.) to help the HR department select the best online job boards for the job posting.

All recruitment requests are centralized, validated by the HR department and archived in the SIGMA-HR recruitment management module.

Rapidly publish job postings

The SIGMA-HR recruitment module saves you a lot of time:

  • Generating job postings from position descriptions
  • Multi-channel job offer publishing in a few clicks on:
    • More than 1,800 job boards (if you have a Broadbean subscription)
    • SIGMA-HR employee self-service to facilitate internal mobility
    • Your own web site by using our recruitment widget

You will know in real time the site from which every application was made. This allows you to analyze which sites return the most relevant applications for each type of job. You can then make adjustments to optimize your future job postings.


Identify the best applicants

With SIGMA-HR recruitment management module, you can quickly identify the best applicants. You can easily develop evaluation questionnaires that allow you to check if the candidates meet the position requirements.

The SIGMA-HR recruitment management module lets you build a database of candidates with their resumes and cover letters which are automatically integrated to the application. The completed questionnaires add invaluable information for each candidate.

The HR software SIGMA-HR allows you to promote internal mobility by centralizing all your employee records: you can easily search your current employee database to identify who may be able to fill vacant positions.

With the SIGMA-HR recruitment management module, you can:

  • View all applications
  • Share information with your managers
  • Search for candidates with the required level of experience
  • Compare the candidate’s skills against the skills required for the position

The geolocation tools of the SIGMA-HR recruitment management module provide you with additional help to choose the best talent by analyzing the travel times of the various candidates both by car and public transport.

Accueil (Gestion des talents)_v1.2-EN

Simplify the administrative management of recruitment

Once the ideal candidates have been selected, you can directly convert their candidate file to an employee file to prevent duplicate entry for the information collected during the recruitment process (contact details, licenses, skills, etc.). The SIGMA-HR recruitment management module allows you to simplify the administrative management of recruitment and saves you time with the following tasks:

  • Sending automatically an acknowledgment of receipt to each applicant
  • Planning and confirming the recruitment interviews
  • Sending automatically refusal emails to rejected candidates
  • Creating the employment contract

Successfully integrate your new employees

The recruitment process is an integral part of the employee experience. It doesn’t stop when the candidate is selected. Preboarding and onboarding are important steps that should not be overlooked in order to get off to a good start the employer/employee relationship.

The SIGMA-HR recruitment management module allows you to create a list of preboarding and onboarding tasks that should be performed by designated employees.

You will be able to follow in real time the completion of these tasks, and make sure that your new employees will have all the necessary equipment for their first day at work: computer, telephone, access card, keys, welcome booklet, welcome kit, etc.

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