Recruitment Module

Fully optimize your recruitment processes for assured success: development of job descriptions, multi-channel dissemination, candidate selection and effective integration.

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Accelerate Your Hiring Process

Finding the best talents to fill the vacant positions in a company is a time-consuming task for HR managers, who must:

  • Publish job advertisements
  • Detect the most suitable candidates
  • Organize interviews
  • Communicate with unsuccessful applicants

The recruitment stage is also essential for:

  • Improving the employer’s reputation
  • Retaining existing talents
  • Ensuring a rewarding employee experience

SIGMA-HR’S Recruitment Management software represents the optimal solution for addressing these challenges efficiently.

Recrutement 1

Simplify Administrative Management

Save considerable time in processing applications through the automation of procedures:

  • Correspondence: automated confirmation of receipt, rejection emails
  • Management of recruitment interviews (organization and confirmation)
  • Drafting of employment contract
  • After hiring a candidate, easily convert their application form into an employee file, without having to re-enter information (personal information, training, skills, etc.)

Did you know? SIGMA-HR has developed an electronic signature that integrates with all our modules. It allows for the secure signing of all HR-related documents, thus optimizing your hiring process.

Publish Your Job Advertisements Efficiently

Optimize your time by creating your job offers directly from job descriptions and distribute your advertisements across various selected channels:

  • On more than 1,800 job platforms referenced by Broadbean
  • Via SIGMA-HR’s employee portal to encourage internal mobility
  • On your website, using our recruitment widget

Monitor the volume of applications received from each site in real time and assess the effectiveness of the platforms based on the targeted profiles, in order to perfect your future recruitments..

Recrutment 2
Recrutement 3

Identify the Best Profiles

The collected responses and candidates’ resumes are automatically integrated into the software’s database.

SIGMA-HR’s comprehensive HCM solution also allows you to consult your employee database and promote internal mobility.

You can easily:

  • Examine all applications
  • Share details with your managers
  • Identify candidates based on their experience
  • Compare the candidates’ skills with the job requirements

SIGMA-HR’s geolocation features provide additional support in selecting the ideal profile by assessing the commute times of various applicants.

Improve Onboarding of Your New Employees

Pre-boarding and integration are crucial for a positive employee experience. With SIGMA-HR’s Recruitment Management module, you can create pre-boarding and onboarding checklists using predefined templates. You will have the ability to track the completion of various tasks in real time and ensure that your new employee will have all the necessary equipment for their first day: computer, phone, badge, keys, welcome manual, welcome kit, etc.

Recrutment 4

Key Features

  • Job advertisement distribution
  • Talent identification and selection
  • Organization of interview processes
  • Secure communication
  • Calculate commute time
  • Contract creation
  • Transforming candidate profile into employee file

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