HR Management​ Suite

The SIGMA-HR software allows you to automate administrative HCM tasks. This saves you valuable time that can be devoted to higher value-added tasks: recruitment, learning, skills, occupational health and safety, etc.

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HR Management Suite

Key Benefits of the HR Management Suite

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Centralize All Your HR Needs

Administrative personnel management plays a vital role in HR. Choosing our HR Management Suite for your HCM means gaining a strategic advantage: eliminating the need to use multiple specialized software. Our HCM solution offers comprehensive and integrated HR management, covering key areas such as occupational health and safety, time and activity management, talent development, as well as labour relations.

Gain Digital Maturity

Boost the digital maturity of your HR department with our HR Management Suite. This solution increases the efficiency of HR teams by automating various administrative tasks. It facilitates the management of requests, the creation of contracts, and the production of reports, allowing for agile and responsive HR management.

Transform the Employee Experience

Redefine the experience of your employees by offering them an integrated platform for all their requests. Increase their autonomy with self-service tools, thus improving their daily life. These tools not only reinforce their engagement; they also contribute to more efficient time management. Offer them an experience that reflects your commitment to a modern work environment.

Collect, Analyze… and Decide

Integrate HR analytics into your human resources management. Use our advanced reporting features and dashboards to quickly access key information. Make informed decisions with reliable data, thus improving the management and strategy of your company.

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4 Integrated and Flexible Modules for Better Human Capital Management

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Core HR Module

The module offers a wide range of features that transform your HR management.

  • Dematerialize and centralize all your personnel information
  • Configure your tasks to be automated, such as the generation of employment contracts or reports
  • Manage and effectively track all your HR documents, including contracts and amendments.
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HR Shared Services Centre Module

A real-time management tool for your HR department.

  • Make your HR knowledge base available to employees and continuously enrich it through their input.
  • Manage and track all HR requests, regardless of their channel of emission and nature.
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Electronic Signature

An electronic signature integrated into the HCM solution that can be used for all your HR documents.

  • Quickly sign your employment contracts, appraisal documents, or company policies.
  • Enjoy an integrated proprietary solution that guarantees complete confidentiality of your data, compliant with Bill 25, without third-party intervention.
  • Benefit from an unlimited number of signatories.
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Expense Reports Module

Streamline the management of expense accounts with this software module.

  • Enter and manage expenses easily from a computer or smartphone.
  • Speed up the processing and reimbursement of expenses.
  • Ensure precise and compliant management, with advanced control tools.

An HCM Solution Designed for You

HR Executives

SIGMA-HR offers innovative solutions to optimize human resources management at a strategic level. HR executives benefit from an overview or detailed view that enables informed decision-making and effective cost management.

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HR Managers, Personnel Management

Our suite enables intuitive and secure management of your employees' personal and professional data, allowing you to be proactive. The management of requests and its conversational robot optimize internal communication and the efficient resolution of employee queries, thereby strengthening the operational efficiency of your HR department.

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Financial Management

Our suite allows integration with accounting systems, facilitating the tracking of personnel-related costs and budget planning. With features such as the management of advances and reimbursements, as well as the production of detailed financial reports, you have complete control over the financial aspects of human resources management, ensuring better cost control and increased efficiency.

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Our suite makes the daily management of teams easier. Managers can track and analyze employee performance while simplifying internal communication through an easy-access portal. The management of requests and tasks is automated, allowing managers to focus on the development and well-being of their teams, while ensuring efficient resource management.

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HR Management Suite HR Management Suite HR Management Suite HR Management Suite HR Management Suite

“This solution allows us to go further in the exploitation and analysis of data. A great opportunity to revise our processes.”

Sébastien Duvergé, head of prevention department, CISSS des Laurentides
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Use case

To modernize its HR processes, a company with 700 employees integrated SIGMA-HR’s Administrative Management suite.

This solution provides greater flexibility and security for managing employee information. It facilitates the tracking of careers and employment contract signatures, notably thanks to electronic signatures.

The employee portal, by encouraging direct interaction, improves the experience and efficiency of HR operations. What's more, the integrated report and dashboard generator helps HR managers analyze data for more informed decisions.

The adoption of SIGMA-RH has improved personnel management, enhanced data security (replacing Excel files), optimized the contracting process, and effectively leveraged HR data, marking the success of this modernization HR

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