Workforce Labour Optimization

Internationally recognized, SIGMA-HR’s Workforce Labour Optimization module transforms scheduling. With advanced automation, it integrates sophisticated algorithms to align employee preferences with business objectives, all in perfect accordance with labour standards. Workforce Labour Optimization redefines HR management and workforce planning.

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Workforce Labour Optimization

Staying Efficient in a Flexible Context

Flexible working hours are a major issue for the future of business.

Increasingly demanded by employees, this trend can prove complex to manage for companies that need to remain competitive. All the more so for companies heavily dependent on the presence of staff to ensure the continuity of their services (catering, transport, healthcare, retail, etc.).

Added to this is the management of planning contingencies and compliance with labour standards. SIGMA-HR offers a solution for planning that is both intelligent and participative, effectively responding to operational imperatives and employee expectations.

PIC-algorithme de planification avancé

An Advanced Planning Algorithm

SIGMA-HR uses a powerful algorithm to automate the creation of schedules under constraints. It proposes compliant planning by considering numerous complex factors such as:

  • Compliance with labour standards
  • Skills and preferences of employees
  • Availability
  • Legal constraints
  • Specific needs of the company
  • Collective agreements

Participatory Planning

One of the great strengths of the Workforce Labour Optimization module is its collaborative aspect. It allows for self-management of schedules, giving employees the opportunity to participate in planning operations.

  • The employee portal, accessible via smartphone or computer, allows collaborators to submit requests for replacements, availability, access to auctions, or shift exchanges.
  • Notifications and alerts quickly inform employees and managers concerned of any important modification or update.
  • Managers can easily approve or respond to these requests, promoting smooth interaction and rapid decision making.
PIC-planification participative
PIC-avantages entreprise

Save Time. A Lot of Time.

The automation of schedule planning significantly reduces your time-consuming tasks and, consequently, your production costs.

  • Eliminate long hours of manual planning and reduce labour costs associated with schedule management.
  • Reduce human errors in planning.
  • Avoid costs and time losses associated with schedule conflicts or regulatory non-compliance.
  • Reduce the time and effort required to manage absences with automated replacements.

Transform the Employee Experience

With CIP, offer a more humane work environment without compromising your operational efficiency.

  • Improve employee-supervisor collaboration.
  • Develop schedules that respect individual preferences and constraints.
  • Encourage a balance between professional and personal life, a key factor for employee retention.
  • Ensure a fair and transparent distribution of schedules and strengthen the sense of justice within your team.
PIC-avantages collaborateurs

Creating Automated Schedules with WLO

SIGMA-HR’s Workforce Labour Optimization module optimizes the management of schedules under constraints in a simple and effective manner.

  1. Employee information entry: Enter personal data and skills of employees to ensure optimal resource allocation.
  2. Rule configuration: The software adapts to the specific standards of each organization, including collective agreements and internal regulations. Define constraints such as the maximum number of hours per day or week and rest time between days.
  3. Access rights sharing: Delegate certain tasks by giving employees access to fill in their availability or absence requests, promoting their autonomy and engagement.
  4. Define workforce needs: Record your staffing needs based on time slots and required skills.
  5. Automatic schedule generation: Schedules are automatically created taking into account necessary staff, skills, absences, and rules. Modifications are notified to employees, and the schedule is accessible via the mobile app or computer.
  6. Once the initial data is entered, simply repeat steps 3 to 5 for regularly updated schedules.

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Key Features

  • Schedule automation according to business rules
  • Optimization of schedules according to predefined criteria (preferences, priority shifts, etc.)
  • Self-management of schedules through work shift auctions
  • Automated replacements according to business rules (text/email).
  • Validation of business rules and compliance
  • Self-replacement
  • Employee portal
  • Absence and leave management
  • Overtime management
  • Automated workflows and tasks

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