Vaccination Module

Discover SIGMA-HR’s Vaccination Module, designed for efficient and regulatory management of vaccinations in the workplace.

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For Optimal Vaccination Management

This module facilitates rigorous vaccination tracking, organizes team scheduling, and ensures sustained protection against diseases.

It also ensures that healthcare professionals treating immunocompromised patients are adequately vaccinated, significantly reducing the risk of viral transmission.


Optimize Your Vaccination Campaigns

The Vaccination Module enhances organizational efficiency.

  • It ensures a swift and seamless implementation of vaccination campaigns, reducing disruptions to daily activities.
  • It enables better resource allocation, maximizing the use of time and budgets allocated for vaccination

Comply With Current Standards

Our software plays a crucial role in complying with vaccination-related standards and regulations within organizations.

  • • Keep a detailed record of each employee’s vaccination status, including a complete history of vaccinations administered.
  • Ensure that vaccinations are administered on time and in accordance with medical recommendations.

Key Features

  • Vaccination campaign management
  • Vaccine history
  • Configurable alerts
  • Automated reminders and notifications
  • Repository
  • Enhanced medical tracking

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