Ensure effective monitoring of vaccines

With SIGMA-HR, improve risk prevention in your business to better protect and preserve the health of your employees. With a more comprehensive view of possible risks, you can better protect your employees.

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Vaccines monitoring module

With vaccination monitoring, improve risk prevention in your business. With a more comprehensive view of possible risks, you can better protect your employees daily (healthcare establishments) or in the event of a pandemic. You can also optimize administrative personnel management by preventing absenteeism and reducing the frequency of sick leave.

Focus on your main objective: protecting the health of your human capital

The SIGMA-HR vaccination module allows authorized people in your company to quickly access the history of vaccines received by a person, to avoid unnecessary administration of vaccine doses as well as to plan teams more easily (in healthcare establishments for example). 

You can track the date of vaccination reminders and get a notification when the time comes to be sure you do not forget anything.

With the vaccination module, you can:

  • Support protecting the health of the population
  • Access a person’s vaccination history
  • Communicate quickly with vaccinated people if a booster vaccine is needed or action must be taken
  • Comply with professional responsibilities for immunization
  • Offer vaccination campaigns within your company
  • Protect health care workers and those at risk

Optimize vaccination monitoring with SIGMA-HR software

The vaccination module will allow each company to define its repository that will list all the vaccines, manufacturers, pharmaceutical laboratories, and diseases.

The vaccination module completes the identification of occupational risks in your company. You can:

  • Track the vaccines received
  • Monitor when booster vaccines are required and send notification
  • Follow-up on the expiration dates
  • Create your repository that will list all types of vaccines, types of diseases, manufacturers
  • Assign employees to work units according to vaccinations (hospitals, healthcare establishments)
  • Prevent the risks of infections/contagions (vaccination campaign, reminders, etc.)
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