Give yourself a global vision of your HR

SIGMA-HR is a complete and modular HRIS that allows you to centralize all your HR data in a single secure database. The functional solution that adapts to the evolution of your company.

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SIGMA-RH : un SIRH complet et modulaire qui évolue avec vous

Core HR

HR management software that makes your life easier

Your HR Database is like your command post. It is from here that you will automate all those administrative tasks that take up precious time. Thanks to SIGMA-HR software, you can devote yourself to your higher value-added tasks such as recruitment, skills development or occupational health and safety, for example. Analyze all this HR data to make the best informed decisions in terms of personnel management.

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Time management module

More than just monitoring hours worked

Managing time means playing with the predictable as well as the unpredictable. Our time management module is essential for managers who want real-time access to all the information they need to harmoniously orchestrate the work of their team(s).

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Labour-management relations module

A climate favourable to everyone's growth

Facilitating exchanges between employees, their representatives and the employer on all matters related to labour relations ensures a favourable climate within the company. Our labor relations management module aims to harmonize this dialogue between stakeholders.

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Occupational Health and Safety management module

Taking care of your employees pays off

Your company's human capital is precious. Identifying, controlling and eliminating hazards to ensure the safety and protect the health of your employees is more than an obligation. It is a duty as an employer. Take advantage of more than 30 years of SIGMA-HR expertise in this field with the multi-functional Occupational Health and Safety module, while reducing your social contributions.

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HR shared services center

Keeping track of events

Having an overview allows you to stay in full control of your business. The HR Shared Services Center is a real-time management tool integrated into your HR department's information system. It allows you to track all HR requests, from issue to closure, regardless of their nature or origin.

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