What is an HRIS software?

Dive into the heart of HRIS: a key solution for human resources management. Explore with SIGMA-RH experts the definition of an HRIS in Canada, its benefits, and how it revolutionizes personnel management. .

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What is the definition of HRIS?

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a set of software and processes designed to automate and optimize human resources management within an organization. It is an integrated platform that centralizes, processes, and analyzes personnel data. As a Canadian HRIS provider, SIGMA-RH offers comprehensive solutions that place HR professionals at the core of the company, providing them with a comprehensive and detailed view of human resources.


What is the purpose of an HRIS?

Operational Efficiency and Task Automation

By automating repetitive tasks, an HRIS frees up time to focus on value-added activities, thereby increasing operational efficiency within companies.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

With an HRIS, access to reliable and up-to-date data becomes a reality for leaders. This availability enables informed and strategic decision-making regarding personnel management, reinforcing the organizational structure of the company.

Improvement of Employee Experience

An HRIS significantly improves the employee experience. This system facilitates access to HR information and services, making processes smoother and enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction at work.

Compliance and Security: Managing Sensitive Data

In a world where data security is essential, the HRIS proves to be an indispensable tool. It helps companies stay compliant with laws, such as Law 25 and PIPEDA in Canada or GDPR in Europe and ensures secure management of sensitive data.

What are the types of HRIS?

There are primarily two main types of HRIS. SIGMA-RH's solution is deployed in SaaS mode, but we offer the option of on-premise deployment.

Cloud-based HRIS (SaaS)

  • Hosted on the provider's servers and accessible online.
  • Less maintenance concerns, automatic updates.
  • Subscription model typically based on the number of users.

On-Premise HRIS

  • Hosted locally on the company's servers.
  • Total control over security and customization.
  • Often requires a dedicated IT team for maintenance and updates.

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How does SIGMA-RH's HRIS work?

Our HRIS functions as an integrated ecosystem that automates and optimizes HR processes.

It covers administrative HR management, time, talent, health and safety, and labor relations (grievances, collective agreements, etc.).

Our global HRIS consists of 5 suites and 17 modules. Modularity is at the core of our solution to provide you with maximum flexibility. You can choose one or more suites and opt for modules that suit the specific needs of your organization.

Key advantages of SIGMA-RH's HRIS

  • Modular and Flexible HRIS
  • Comprehensive and Cross-functional Solution
  • Secure ISO 27001, HDS, SOC 2, GDPR compliant
  • Tailored Support at Every Implementation Stage
  • Technical Support from 8 am to 5 pm
  • Solution Hosted in Canada
  • Expertise in Technology, HR, Industrial Relations, Security, Development, and Digital Transformation
  • The SIGMA-RH solution is "no code," allowing user autonomy

What is the best HRIS?

The best HRIS depends on the specific needs of your company. It is crucial to assess your requirements, compare options, and choose a system that not only meets your current needs but is also scalable for the future.

Here are some criteria to consider when choosing the best HRIS for your needs.

  • Features and Modules: Ensure that the software offers the modules you need (recruitment, training, performance management, time and leave management, etc.).
  • Ease of Use: The HRIS should be intuitive and user-friendly for all users.
  • Customization: Look for a solution that can be customized based on your company's unique processes.
  • Integration: Check if the HRIS can easily integrate with other systems you already use.
  • Data Security: Ensure that it complies with data security and privacy standards.
  • Support and Training: Good customer support and training options are important for successful implementation and use.
  • Cost: Consider the total cost of the HRIS, including installation, maintenance, and updates.

Meeting all these criteria, SIGMA-RH's HRIS stands out as the best choice, combining innovation, expertise, flexibility, security, and support.


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