Simplify your annual evaluations

Annual performance evaluations are important moments for your employees and their supervisor. Supervisors can acknowledge the work that was accomplished, and employees can talk about their career development, commitment, and satisfaction.

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Simplify the organization and follow-up of your annual evaluation campaigns

Annual performance evaluations are the best time to evaluate the performance of the previous year, to discuss the strengths and areas that need improvement, and to set objectives for the next year.

Organizing this annual meeting is a complex task because this must be done for all employees within a short period.


The SIGMA-HR performance evaluation module will simplify the organization of your evaluation campaigns. You will be able to:

  • Quickly schedule the evaluations after having checked the employee’s calendar (absences and time off, training, etc.)
  • Automatically send the interview invitations
  • Create evaluation questionnaires customized by HR managers

The employees and their supervisor can prepare their evaluations from the HR self-service by using the questionnaire prepared by the HR department. Supervisors have access to their employees’ HR files (according to their access rights), so they can view all the useful information when preparing the evaluations: past evaluations, position change, salary increases, training, skills, etc.

Once the performance evaluation is completed, it can be sent to the HR department for validation and it can be signed electronically. All evaluations are archived in a single database.

The SIGMA-HR evaluation module is highly flexible and can be customized to your current organizational processes by using simple configuration tools!

The HR department can follow-up the progress of evaluation campaigns in real-time and make sure everything will be finalized before the deadline.

Improve your employees’ career development

All the information collected during the evaluations is centralized in the SIGMA-HR performance evaluation module.

For each employee, the HR department can have a consolidated view of all training requests, requests for internal mobility, requests for career development, evaluations of skills, and this will help the organization boost employee motivation while each staff member grows professionally and personally.

It will be easier to build an effective training plan that will consider the company’s needs, as well as the employees’ training needs and career development.

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