Medical Clinics Module

Optimize the management of employee medical assessments, from pre-employment examinations to post-accident follow-up, and accelerate occupational risk prevention!

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Medical Clinics

Efficient Management of Medical Assessments

Efficient management of employee medical assessments is essential to ensure their well-being and compliance with current regulations. SIGMA-HR offers a centralized and high-performance solution for the management of medical assessments, both internal and external, covering vital steps such as pre-employment medical examinations and post-work accident follow-ups.

This integrated module streamlines decision-making processes and significantly enhances employee experience, thereby contributing to better management of health and safety-related risks in the workplace.


Centralize the Information

Avoid data dispersion and ensure access to essential information. This module allows you to centralize all information related to medical assessments, including:

  • Medical expertise reports
  • Medical expenses
  • Notification of disability
  • Messages between persons involved in medical visits

How to Manage Medical Visits with SIGMA-HR

  1. Centralization of information: Use this SIGMA-HR module to centralize all data related to medical evaluations, such as medical reports, medical expenses, disabilities, and communications between medical visit coordinators.
  2. Management of medical assessments : Conduct and track various medical assessments (hiring visits, periodic visits, return-to-work visits) through the integrated module.
  3. Automation: Benefit from the automation of processes related to medical visits to simplify management and enhance operational efficiency.
  4. Informed decision-making: Use the centralized information and reports generated by the software for informed decision-making in the field of health and safety at work.

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Key Features of the Module

  • Internal and external medical assessments
  • Physician’s expert report
  • Progress notes
  • Summary of each event

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