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Our integrated HCM solution enables secure electronic signatures for all your HR documents.

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Electronic Signature Module

Understanding Advanced Electronic Signature

SIGMA-HR’s electronic signature is considered “advanced”, which means it complies with the standards defined in the eIDAS Regulation. It provides a high level of security and is based on digital certificates issued by recognized certification authorities, which authenticate the identity of the signer.

To qualify as advanced, it must meet several requirements, such as:

  • Being uniquely linked to the signer.
  • Allowing the identification of the signer.
  • Created using signature creation data that the signer can use under their exclusive control.
  • Guaranteeing the integrity of the signed data.

Companies often use it to validate documents, contracts, or transactions that require a higher level of security.

Definition and Characteristics

Advanced electronic signature is a form of electronic signature that is uniquely linked to the signer and allows for their identification. It is created using means that the signer can keep under their exclusive control and is linked to the data it relates to in such a way that any subsequent modification of the data can be detected.

Among its specific characteristics, we note:

  • A higher level of security compared to a simple electronic signature, thanks to the use of digital certificates issued by recognized certification authorities.
  • The need to comply with four requirements according to the eIDAS Regulation: being uniquely linked to the signer, allowing the identification of the signer, being created using means that the signer can keep under their exclusive control, and being linked to the data it relates to in such a way that any subsequent modification of the data can be detected.
  • Frequent use by companies to validate documents, contracts, or transactions requiring increased security.

An Integrated Signature Within SIGMA-HR’s HCM solution

Developed by SIGMA-HR, our signature is integrated into our HCM solution.

  • It does not require third-party subscription management, nor the sharing or sending of documents on an external platform.
  • It is available for all HR documents across the various software suites of our HCM solution: Talent, Labour Relations, Workforce Management and OHS.
  • Its implementation is very quick.

A Completely Secure Advanced Electronic Signature

Boost user confidence with an advanced signature that meets the highest security standards.

  • It complies with eIDAS and PAdES standards.
  • It features robust encryption protocols and one-time password (OTP) identity verification mechanisms, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of every signed document.
  • Secure signing process.
  • Enhances user trust through the secure reliability of electronic signatures.
  • Protects your company against document forgery and data breaches.

Maximize efficiency and reduce costs

No need to print and scan anymore! Sign online instantly.

HR managers, executives, candidates, and employees can sign anytime from a smartphone or computer.

  • Reduce paper usage, postal services, and archiving.
  • Accelerate signature validation and approval processes.
  • Minimize processing errors.

Numbers that speak


The number of hours that a company can save annually in operational time through electronic signatures.¹


The percentage of cost reduction enabled by the use of electronic signatures.¹

120 billion

The number of dollars that American companies spend each year on printed forms.²

With SIGMA-HR's electronic signature, choose a smarter and more sustainable management option.

¹ The State of E-Signature Implementation (Forrester)
² How Much Paper Is Used in One Day? (recordnations.com)

The key features of the module

  • Proprietary solution without third parties
  • No data leaves the system
  • Unlimited number of signatories
  • Document upload or document template

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