Expense Reports Module

With our HRIS software and our Expense Reports module, the hassle of entering expenses is a thing of the past. Employees can easily create their expenses directly while on the move and effortlessly attach their supporting documents.

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Expense Reports Module

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In a professional world where employee mobility and organizational flexibility are increasing, managing Expense Reports can prove to be a daunting task. This module offers an efficient solution, perfectly meeting these challenges. With the ability to enter expenses directly on a smartphone, this module significantly simplifies the lives of employees and speeds up the reimbursement process.


Document expenses with ease

The application dematerializes expense reports and facilitates their management for your employees. They can thus:

  • Enter their expenses easily from a smartphone or computer;
  • Photograph their expense receipts on their mobile device;
  • Automatically calculate mileage expenses and use geolocation;
  • Automatically calculate taxes and foreign currencies;
  • Track their reimbursement

Approve and reimburse quickly

Our SaaS expense report software speeds up the approval and reimbursement of expenses.

  • Configure validation processes.
  • Approve or reject requests from the mobile app or a computer.
  • Set reimbursement limits by type of expense and employee profile, and automatically control expenses.
  • Ensure reliable payroll management (automatic sending of information to your external payroll software).
  • Facilitate auditing and financial transparency with a configurable validation system and the accounting export of expenses

An optimized experience for everyone

A dematerialized expense report software that facilitates independent expense management.

  • Improve the experience of collaborators with the mobile application and the user-friendly interface of the module.
  • Enable employees to manage their expenses autonomously and efficiently, while benefiting from a quick reimbursement process.
  • Reduce administrative tasks for managers and the HR team, allowing them to focus on activities with higher added value

The key features of the module

  • Expense Entry
  • Validation through configurable workflow
  • Categorization of expenses
  • Management of advances
  • Generation of reports
  • Integration with accounting
  • Tracking of reimbursements
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Automatic calculation of Taxes
  • Automatic extraction of receipt content with AI integration.

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