Efficiently manage workplace accidents

The SIGMA-HR workplace accident management module allows you to track workplace accidents so you can better assess their financial and human consequences. It also helps you identify the risks that should be addressed to prevent new accidents and reduce your contributions to the workers’ compensation board.

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Accident management

Workplace accidents and occupational diseases management module

Workplace accidents are a major economic challenge because the amount of contributions paid by the employer to the compensation board is based on the costs of accidents that occurred in the previous years. They can also have major impacts on human, social, management, and legal consequences.

Simplify the management of work accidents

The SIGMA-HR workplace accident management module allows you to standardize your procedures when managing workplace accidents in your company, and to track work accidents, near miss and first aid given to workers. You can record the accident report directly in the SIGMA-HR health and safety software, and you can include all relevant information on this accident: location, time, circumstances, type of injury, witnesses, etc. Such information will allow you to analyze your workplace accidents.

With SIGMA-HR, you can generate automatically the claim forms for Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. And, in Quebec, you can also send electronically the “Employer’s notice and reimbursement claim” to the CNESST. As soon as an accident report is entered, an alert can be sent to all required staff members (HR, OHS managers, managers).

The SIGMA-HR OHS module will also help you manage occupational diseases.

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Optimize the management of work accidents and occupational diseases

With the SIGMA-HR workplace accident module, you can centralize and archive all events associated with work accidents and occupational diseases and simplify the day-to-day management of these cases: emails, medical certificates, requests for expert advice, claims, decisions, time losses, functional limitations, results of medical examinations.

Control the annual contributions paid to the workers’ compensation board

Any workplace accident can have major financial consequences for a company because the contribution paid to the compensation board is calculated on the actual costs incurred for work accidents that occurred in the previous years.

In Quebec, the SIGMA-HR software workplace accident management module can check your monthly statements from the CNESST and alert you if there are discrepancies that can impact your future contribution rate.

In addition, if you want to file an appeal for a work accident or an occupational disease, you must do so in the prescribed deadline (for example, in Quebec this is 45 days after the reception of the decision from the CNESST). The SIGMA-HR software will alert you before the deadline so you can file the appeal if needed. Our tool will allow you to calculate the CNESST contributions (personalized rate or retrospective plan) quickly and easily, even if this calculation is complex.

The SIGMA-HR OHS accident management module will allow you to:

  • Follow up all the steps of the appeal
  • Calculate the estimated cost of each workplace accident
  • Simulate the impacts of legal or prevention actions on your contributions to the CNESST to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of such actions.
  • Simulate and project your future contributions to the CNESST: this allows you to know your contribution for the next year 9 months ahead of time, and to project your contributions for the next 3 years

Analyze your workplace accidents to reduce their frequency and severity

With the information on work accidents and occupational diseases collected in the SIGMA-HR OHS module, you can easily:

  • Analyze the causes of these accidents
  • Propose training actions to reduce the risk of accident
  • Identify the risks and the most dangerous areas in your company by using the geolocation tools for work accidents
  • Implement corrective measures and new action plans
  • Measure the financial impact of your prevention actions on the cost of your contributions to the compensation board
  • Generate statistics and dashboards: monthly number of work accidents, frequency and severity of workplace accidents by site, department, position, etc.
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