Time and Attendance Management Software

Simplify time management and timesheet tracking with SIGMA-HR. Our specialized software reduces the administrative burden while improving the quality of working life for your teams.

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Time and Attendance Management Software

How to manage employee leave effectively

Good leave and absence management is essential for all companies. Faced with a variety of circumstances such as public holidays, vacations, parental leave and sick leave, the challenge is great. Balancing employee needs with company productivity is a complex task for managers.

In addition, the rise of teleworking and flexible working hours makes time management even more important.

The SIGMA-HR module offers tailored solutions to meet these challenges, in line with collective agreements and the specifics of each organization.

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Simplify leave and absence processes

Using this module enables HR departments to save precious time by decentralizing this activity to managers and employees.

The software allows employees to:

  • Check their leave balance on their self-service portal;
  • Submit vacation requests from their computer or smartphone;
  • View pending requests, validate, refuse or cancel them
  • Check leave balances

The software enables managers to:

  • Access their teams’ absence calendar
  • View pending requests, validate, refuse or cancel them
  • Check leave balances

Don't change your processes: our solution adapts perfectly to them

Our flexible module can be seamlessly integrated into your current processes:

It adapts to your working methods, ensuring a smooth transition to digital leave management.

  • It features a robust validation system, capable of replicating your current approval processes with an unlimited number of approvers.
  • Once an absence has been approved, the software immediately updates your planning. It accurately anticipates future absences for optimal organization of schedules and activities.
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Automate Time Tracking

Some companies are required to keep records of their employees' attendance and rest times. These are used to ensure compliance with labor standards legislation.

SIGMA-HR's electronic timesheet enables employees to enter their actual working time manually or automatically from their employee portal.

If required, they can break down their time by project, customer or activity. This analytical tracking of working hours enables you to monitor :

  • Project profitability;
  • Differences between forecast and actual;
  • Billing by project or customer.

Invaluable Support for Payroll Preparation

Ensure data accuracy for payroll calculations.

  • Efficiently collect all essential working time information, including hours worked, vacations, absences and overtime.
  • Eliminate manual entry errors and speed up the process by automating the calculation of overtime, vacation and absences.

All absences and leaves entered in the SIGMA-HR Time and Attendance Management module can be sent automatically to payroll.

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Managing Paid Leaves

To manage paid leave effectively with SIGMA-HR’s Time and Attendance Management module, follow these steps:

  1. Submitting requests: Employees submit their leave requests through the module, selecting the desired dates and type of leave.
  2. Approval process: Managers receive these requests and review them. They then follow a structured approval process to validate or deny the requested leaves.
  3. Tracking leave balances: The application provides a detailed view of each employee's leave balances. This includes accurate tracking of accrued, taken, and remaining leave days.
  4. Using reports: Leverage SIGMA-HR's reports to analyze leave trends. This data can assist in planning and resource management.
  5. Integration with payroll: Ensure that leave-related data is correctly integrated with your payroll system. This ensures accurate management of leave compensation.

For more information, do not hesitate to schedule a demo with our experts.

Key Features

  • Time sheets by activity and assignment rules
  • Absence and leave requests
  • Multi-level approval process
  • Automated calculation rules
  • Secure transfer to payroll
  • Overtime calculations
  • Automatic counter processing
  • Differences between schedules and time sheets
  • Dashboards with monitoring indicators
  • Detailed time sheets by employee

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