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The rise of generative AI is an undeniable phenomenon that makes its integration into HR tools essential. Given this trend, the main challenge is the risk of having AI fragmented across a variety of solutions. The answer lies in transversally integrated AI, within a global HCM system, ensuring consistency and efficiency of use.

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Artificial Intelligence

According to a KPMG survey, more than 20% of professionals in Canada are actively leveraging the potential of generative AI at work. Among them, 90% state that these tools have improved the quality of their professional tasks.

In light of this finding, businesses will face a significant challenge : integrating AI into environments where several systems already coexist. The emergence of AI opens revolutionary opportunities for Human Capital Management (HCM) but raises questions about the adaptability of existing HCM systems to this new era.

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Why have an Integrated AI?

Consistency of Data

Unifying HR data in a single system sets the scene for responsible AI. As opposed to distributing AI across various systems, integrating it into a unified environment enables consistent interpretation of information, reducing the risk of drawing inaccurate conclusions or making erroneous diagnoses.

A 360° View of the Employee

AI analyzes a range of data, such as absenteeism and performance, revealing hidden insights that improve talent management and HR strategy. Integrated into a comprehensive HCM system, it encompasses all HR processes. This holistic approach identifies trends crucial to performance and well-being, aligning HR decisions with corporate objectives. This in turn optimizes talent management and enhances organizational performance.

Enhanced Security

Using a single AI in a unified HCM system centralizes data management, making it easier to protect data nd comply with regulations. This effectively simplifies compliance with legal standards on data protection, such as Law 25 or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Not only does an integrated AI ensure the consistent application of privacy rules, it also facilitates compliance audits.

A Coherent User Experience

With a single, integrated AI, everything becomes simpler. Users access a single interface, without having to juggle between different tools or scattered data. This centralization makes use of the system smoother and more enjoyable, improving everyone’s experience.

Integrated AI for a Sustainable Vision

Integrating AI into a global HCM system is a bet on the future. It reflects a dedication to innovation and better HR management. With this strategy, AI becomes a key tool for anticipating change and fostering innovation. At the heart of constant digital evolution.

SIGMA-HR envisions a future where the harmony between humans and artificial intelligence fundamentally redefines HR management.

Our promise? To forge a future where AI amplifies our human essence.

Explore our suites and choose the best comprehensive HCM system for your business.

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