Simplify your human resources management

The HR software SIGMA-HR provides quick access to relevant information (talent, time, occupational health and safety, etc.) to allow you to make strategic decisions for the company.

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HR management

Quickly access relevant information

More than ever, human resources are at the heart of the strategic challenges of companies. Perfect knowledge of the staff is essential to be able to quickly adapt your company to new economic, social and technological challenges.

Centralize and archive all HR data easily

With our powerful Express Management tool, you can view your employees’ complete file and see all the events that occurred by chronological order.

With the SIGMA-HR HRIS software, you can manage all your HR information in an intuitive and user-friendly solution:

  • Personal information: marital status, contact information, dependents, emergency contacts
  • HR documents: employment contracts and amendments
  • History of jobs and positions held
  • Equipment on loan: computer, phone, car, etc.
  • Skills, training and evaluation
  • Compensation
  • Absences and time off and work time
  • Occupational risks
  • Work accidents

Automate your HR processes

The SIGMA-HR software allows you to automate all your administrative HR tasks without added value.

Customized alerts remind you of important deadlines, including:

  • End of probation period
  • End of temporary contracts
  • Skill expiration date
  • End of the validity of a work permit

With SIGMA-HR, you can configure flexible workflows customized to your existing processes where you can define:

  • Substitute approvers
  • Approval deadlines
  • An unlimited number of approval levels
Gestion express (Gestion des temps et activites)_v1.1

Analyze your HR data and make informed human resources management decisions

The SIGMA-HR software includes a powerful statistics and graphics generator that allows you to easily create many dashboards.

All these indicators are crucial when analyzing your data and making strategic decisions for your company.

  • Distribution of employees by age or seniority
  • Distribution of employees by several criteria (employment status, gender, work schedule, etc.)
  • Absence rate by legal entity, department, position, reason
  • Evolution of the total payroll
  • Number of terminations and new hires
  • Training budget
  • Analysis of occupational risks and work accidents
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