Core HR Module

The foundation of effective HR management: centralize your HR data, employee files, and automate your administrative processes

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Core HR Module

What is the Core HR Module?

The Core HR module is the central nucleus of HR software systems. It centralizes and secures personnel data in a common database and communicates directly with other HCM applications. Around its Core HR, which centralizes your HR data and employee files, SIGMA-HR deploys a set of software suites dedicated to HR management:

  • Workforce Management Suite
  • Talent Management Suite
  • Occupational Health and Safety Suite
  • Labour Relations Suite

Our solution enables the automation and standardization of your administrative processes across different departments and establishments. It reduces the workload of the HR department and minimizes the risk of errors. HR professionals can thus focus more on strategic aspects and human capital development.


Effective Personnel Administration

With SIGMA-RH's Core HR module, all employee data is centralized in a secure space. This includes:

Personal information: marital status, contact details, dependents, emergency contacts.

Applicable legal provisions: contract type, agreement, working time modulation, disability management.

Work history and remuneration history.

HR documents: employment contracts and addenda.

Depending on the HR suites you deploy (Talent, Workforce, OHS, Labour Relations), you can also find:

  • Skills, training, and performance reviews.
  • Absences, leaves, and working hours.
  • Occupational risks.
  • Work-related accidents, and more.

Automate Your HR Processes

Customized alerts remind you of important deadlines, including:

  • The end of trial or probation periods.
  • The expiration of temporary contracts.
  • Competency expiry dates.
  • The end of the validity of a work permit.

With SIGMA-HR, you can configure flexible validation workflows tailored to your existing processes, with the ability to define:

  • Backup approvers.
  • Approval deadlines.
  • An unlimited number of approval levels.

Analyze Your HR Data

A software module equipped with a powerful statistics and chart generator.

Easily create numerous dashboards.

  • Age and seniority pyramids.
  • Workforce distribution by various criteria (employment status, gender, working hours, etc.).
  • Absenteeism rates by legal entity, department, position, reason.
  • Evolution of the payroll.
  • Number of departures and new hires.
  • Training budget.
  • Analysis of occupational risks and workplace accidents.

With these statistics, you can:

  • Make better personnel management decisions.
  • Define your HR performance indicators in line with the overall goals of the company.

An Integrated and Customizable Employee HR Portal

The Core HR allows you to provide your employees with a customizable and intuitive employee portal available on both computer and mobile devices. Depending on their access rights, they can independently:

  • Update their personal information.
  • Access the company directory.
  • Check their leave balances and team schedules.
  • Complete timesheets or clock in their working hours.
  • Access the training catalogue.
  • Prepare for their performance reviews.
  • Stay informed about tasks related to the onboarding of new employees.

Requests made through the portal follow validation workflows defined by the HR departments using workflow generators. The HR department can also use the portal to disseminate documents or news to employees.


Key Features

  • Employee file management
  • Tracking employees’ personal and professional information
  • Management of job positions and associated skills
  • Generation of employment contracts and HR documents
  • Self-service portal for employees
  • Security by profile, group, and role
  • Configurable workflow engine with dynamic approvers
  • Generation of HR reports and data analysis
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance in HR
  • Integration with other systems

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