Risks and prevention Module

Enhance security with our Risks and Prevention module, a key solution for effective risk management tailored to your specific needs

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Risks and prevention

Optimize safety and compliance within your organization

Risk management is essential for ensuring safety, compliance, and the sustainability of a company. This is where our Risks and Prevention module comes into play. It is a tool specifically designed to proactively identify, assess, and manage the risks an organization faces.

This module is a strategic investment for any company concerned about its safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

It offers an effective and adaptable solution for smarter and safer risk management


Software that identifies occupational risks based on your criteria

The Risks and Prevention module of SIGMA-RH adapts to the specific needs of your company, offering customization in the evaluation and management of occupational risks.

  • Adjust your own criteria for risk assessment, including the ability to set severity and probability thresholds for each type of risk.
  • Identify and specifically assign the various risks associated with each position, work unit, location, or profession within a company.

Manage your risks in an integrated manner

This solution offers an integrated approach to ensure the safety of employees and the company, allowing you to:

  • Ensure integrated coverage by addressing both chemical and psychosocial risks.
  • Detect and analyze various risks within the organization.
  • Geolocate the most dangerous areas of your company.
  • Monitor and manage groups sharing similar risks.
  • Prioritize risks and develop tailored management plans.

Ensure complete tracking and traceability

Our module stands out in monitoring, traceability, and advanced risk reporting capabilities. You will be able to:

  • Ensure constant surveillance and a precise history of adjustments made to evaluations, procedures, and safety measures.
  • Have real-time risk visibility, facilitating a quick and informed response.
  • Establish detailed analyses of trends and the effectiveness of safety measures, thus supporting better decision-making and continuous improvement.

How to create a risk prevention plan with SIGMA-RH?

  1. Use SIGMA-RH’s tools to assess the importance of each identified risk. Consider the likelihood of occurrence and the potential impact on employee health and safety.
  2. Geolocate risk areas and map them for better visualization.
  3. Define and plan prevention measures, prioritizing actions based on urgency.
  4. Integrate human resources information to tailor measures to the specific needs of employees.
  5. Use the tracking features and reports of SIGMA-RH to monitor the effectiveness of prevention measures and adjust your plan based on the results and changes in working conditions.
  6. Organize ongoing training and document all actions and communications related to the prevention plan.

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Key Features of the Module

  • Risk Identification
  • Prevention Campaign
  • Register of Corrective Measures
  • Geolocation of Risks
  • Global Risk Documentation
  • Management of Homogeneous Exposure Groups (HEG)
  • Management of Homogeneous Exposure Groups (HEG)
  • Management of Safety Data Sheets (SDS
  • Risk Prioritization
  • Chemical Product Repository

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