Efficiently monitor your training plan through training

SIGMA-HR allows the HR department to implement training activities that meet the company’s needs and the employees’ career development.

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Employee training management module

The training activities must allow employees to keep their skills up to date and to promote career development. 


Create effective training plans

With the SIGMA-HR software employee training module, you can centralize all training requests. Employees can submit their training requests directly from their HR self-service. The HR department can create a training catalog that includes the most frequent or strategic courses for your company. Employees can search this catalog from their self-service.

With the SIGMA-HR software, you can list all training requests that were made during the annual evaluations and receive alerts on the skills expiry date to ensure you include any refresher course to your training plan.

The HR department has a global vision of all training needs and can build an efficient training plan that considers all the company’s needs, as well as all the employees’ and manager’s training requests.

Software that lets you control your training costs

The SIGMA-HR employee training management module allows you to track your training expenses, no matter:

The type of training

  • Mandatory or necessary training
  • Other training
  • Skills assessment

The training methods

  • Face-to-face training
  • Distance learning
  • Online training

The SIGMA-HR software allows you to define your estimate training budget and to track your actual expenses in real-time, including the training costs, the salary costs, and the travel expenses.

By using the SIGMA-HR employee training and skills module, you can evaluate the skills acquired by the employees after they took the training.

The SIGMA-HR training management module provides you statistics that give you a clear overview of your training activities and allow you to manage efficiently your training budget. You can check at any time if your estimated and current expenses will

Simplify the organization of training

You can also manage waiting lists to quickly find a replacement when an employee cannot attend a training session, so you prevent any financial losses.

You can create custom evaluation questionnaires so attendees can evaluate the quality of training (whether given by internal instructors or external instructors from training corporations). This will ensure you can build training plans that are more efficient.

With the SIGMA-HR employee training management module, you can save time when organizing training because it allows you to:

  • Manage the registrations to training sessions
  • Send confirmation emails to employees registered to training sessions
  • Print the certificates of attendance