5 HR influencers to follow

Le monde des ressources humaines est foisonnant. Tout évolue en permanence : le contexte législatif, les attentes des salariés et les stratégies des entreprises. Histoire de rester à l’affût des tendances, nous avons dressé une liste des 10 influenceurs RH français à suivre.

5 HR influencers to follow

The world moves fast (too fast?). So discovering innovations, understanding and learning how to do things better in our industry can be challenging. That's why we've compiled a list of HR influencers to follow in 2021 to keep you up to date with the latest HR news.

Many companies, agencies, bloggers and other influencers focus on the candidate and employee perspective. Today, we're focusing on influencers who speak to companies and HR professionals.

1 . David Green - CEO, Zandel, Executive Director, Insight222

David is the go-to source for curated news on people analytics and the future of work. This HR tech expert loves to write about the industry, and also publishes a monthly review of the best articles on HR written by other influencers.

We highly recommend "What are the benefits of measuring employee skills data?", among other articles on his page.

2.Sharlyn Lauby - Founder of HR Bartender, President of ITM Group Inc.

Sharlyn Lauby's blog, HR Bartender, is a true goldmine.

From HR Law and Legislation, to Strategy and Planning or Business and Customers, every aspect of the HR industry is covered and well documented.

She even offers free resources to her readers, and even refers other HR blogs to help companies and employees find all the information they need.

If we had to recommend one article from this amazing website, it would probably be "Is It Time to Move From Family Friendly to Life Friendly".

3.Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane - Co-Hosts of the HR Happy Hour Show and Podcast

Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane's HR Happy Hour Show, has been the most downloaded HR podcast since it was launched in 2009.

In the show, the two hosts focus on workplace topics and issues like talent management, recruiting, HR technology, social media, leadership, careers, and more.

An absolute go-to!

4.Glen Cathey - SVP, Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation, Randstad

Glen Cathey’s Twitter bio line reflects his breadth of experience. He specializes in "recruiting, sourcing, strategy, innovation, ethical AI, data/analytics, search/match, lean, Agile, social engineering". He is a speaker and blogger, and has an amazing Twitter account we recommend you follow.

If Glen Cathey is not at the origin of all the content he shares, his impressive media monitoring allows us to stay on top of all the major news related to the industry.

5.Suzanne Lucas - Blogger, Speaker, Creator of EvilHRLady

Suzanne Lucas’ EvilHRLady is legendary in the HR blogosphere for her unique insight and biting wit.

Do a quick search on her blog on any HR topic. Chances are, you’ll find several articles in her extensive library of posts.

We particulary like that she manages to highlight both modern management issues and those of today's employees.

On our blog, we find articles such as "I worked while on vacation. Do I get my vacation time back?" as well as "The Number 1 Reason the Unemployed Turn Down Jobs".

It is this mix of points of view that reminds us why quality management is necessary. Not only for the results of his company, but also for the well-being of our teams.

As we know, many other influencers exist. This list is just a personal selection of influencers that we particularly appreciate.

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