Dematerialize your expense reports

As organizations become more complex, and employees become more and more mobile, managing expense reports becomes a tedious and expensive task. Free your employees and increase their commitment by using our powerful mobile solutions.

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Expense reports

Expense report management module

Managing expense reports require a lot of control time to the detriment of more strategic HR activities such as training or skills management. The SIGMA-HR expense report management module provides a modern and efficient solution to simplify the management of expense reports.

Simplify and improve the management of expense reports

With the SIGMA-HR software, the puzzle of entering expense reports is over. Employees can simply create their expenses directly while traveling and easily attach their supporting documents by taking a picture of the invoice with their smartphone. And thanks to the geolocation features of SIGMA-HR, they save valuable time in entering their travel expenses that are automatically pre-filled.

The use of the mobile application also speeds up repayment times: managers have access to their employees’ expense reports in real time. They can approve or reject reimbursement requests, whether they are in the office or on the move.

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An optimal and efficient management of your expense reports with SIGMA-HR

With the SIGMA-HR software, you can efficiently manage expense reports. Thanks to its many advanced features, the SIGMA-HR solution can be customized to comply with your expense reimbursement policy:

  • Definition of fee types by profile (meals, accommodations, transportation, travel allowances, office supplies, phone packages, etc.)
  • Management of the maximum claim amounts for each type of expense and employee profile
  • Automatic calculation of taxes
  • Multi-currency management of expense reports
  • Management of the codes to use when expenses must be charged to a customer, project and/or activity
  • Customization of travel allowances
  • Configurable approval workflow
  • Accounting export of expenses
  • Geolocation
  • Real-time management via the mobile application

The SIGMA-HR expense report module is a flexible solution that will adapt to your business, regardless of your expense reimbursement policy.

Make the expense reports management more reliable

The numerous automatic controls performed by the SIGMA-HR software facilitate the management of expense reports. You can set the maximum claim amounts for each type of expense, the maximum number of claims per day, per week, per month, etc.

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