Manage your HR activity and improve your employee relations

The HR Shared Services Centre is a real-time management tool for your HR department integrated into your Information System. You can track all types of HR requests, whether they are submitted from a Web site, a tablet, or a cell phone.

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HR shared services centre

HR Shared Services Centre

With the HR Shared Services Centre (HR SSC), you can process all your employees’ HR requests, from start to finish. All incoming requests can be sent automatically to the available staff who can prioritize each inquiry and resolve the issue for the employee.

The HR SSC is a tool for dialogue to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and processes

Objectives of the HR Shared Services Centre

The objective of the HR SSC is to provide an integrated solution for managing electronically the HR requests submitted by all employees.

  • Improve your HR processes and make sure they are more consistent, user-friendly, and better suited to the needs of employees
  • Optimize human resources management by implementing a system to monitor your employee’s requests and send them automatically to the appropriate department
  • Ensure better support for management, a key player in employee development
  • Reduce the costs of providing services by optimizing your processes and resources
  • Promote communication and internal collaboration by sharing knowledge within the HR team and enriching the contents of the knowledge base
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The HR Shared Services Centre has been designed to improve the experience of employees in companies with more than 1,000 employees and offers several features:

  • Access to custom dashboards
  • Automatic generation of emails and documents (contracts, notices, etc.)
  • Attachment management
  • Notification and alert mechanisms
  • Custom workflows
  • Knowledge base
  • Proactive chat features
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Resolution and performance reporting and tracking
  • Innovations: geolocation, mobile application
  • Scalable and mobile solution
  • Statistics on the processing time of a request, the number of requests processed by topic, by manager, etc.
  • Data security and historization
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Use cases for the HR SSC

There are many use cases for the HR Shared Services Centre, covering the entire life cycle of an employee within a company.
Here are some examples:

I’m an employee, and I have a question:
"My spouse is going to have a child. How many days of paternal leave can I take?"

I search the knowledge base that redirects me to the various articles of law. The search is completed.

I’m an employee, and I have a question:
"I have a problem with my pay slip. There is an error in the calculation of deductions."

The HR SSC sends my request to the payroll manager who will take care of this issue until it’s resolved.

I’m a manager, and I have a question:
"I must register an employee as soon as possible for a training session? Which procedure should I follow?"

Since the request doesn’t exist in the knowledge base, the HR SSC automatically creates an inquiry form and assigns it to the training manager who will take care of the issue until it’s resolved.