Promote employee commitment

With the SIGMA-HR self-service, your employees can access their files with a simple web browser. This simplified access to their HR record improves their employee experience.

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HR self-service

HR self-service

The digital transformation of society has many consequences in companies, especially in terms of human resources management. Employees want easy access to their personal and professional information.

The implementation of the SIGMA-HR self-service meets these new expectations by opening a transparent communication channel between the HR department and the company’s employee

Modernize human resources management

If employees move or change marital status, they can make changes to their personal profile, which will then be sent to the HR department. This decentralization enables the HR department to save time and keep employee files up to date. Employees can also provide the phone number of contacts in case of an emergency, which is very useful if a work accident occurs.

To ensure data confidentiality, access to the HR self-service is secure. The accessible information and functionalities can be configured by profile, department or employee.

Libre service RH_v1.1

Optimize employee experience

Depending on their access rights, employees have access to a wide range of HR information from their HR self-service. They can:

  • Access the company directory
  • Check their time bank balances
  • View their team’s absence calendar
  • Complete their timesheets
  • Clock in or clock out
  • View the number of worked hours per week
  • Access the training catalog and submit training requests
  • Evaluate the training they have received
  • Prepare their performance evaluations
  • Be notified of the tasks they must perform during the integration of a new employee

Each time employees submit a request from their HR self-service, it follows a custom approval workflow.

The HR department can also publish news, useful documents or links.

Such an easy and transparent access to information significantly improves the employee experience and commitment.

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