3 Resolutions to Make Your Employer Brand Shine in 2024

Geneviève Dumas, an HR marketing expert at sept24, shares her advice on enhancing your employer brand in 2024. Discover strategies to attract and retain talent, by nurturing a profoundly strong and human-centered brand.

3 Resolutions to Make Your Employer Brand Shine in 2024

In 2024, the employer brand becomes an essential strategic lever for attracting and retaining talent, provided you know how to use it... Yes, the employer brand is a tool (not a magic wand!) that allows you to build a real and positive experience with your employees. An experience that requires continuous commitment towards improvement and adaptation.

The employer brand, to shine, must be lived. A brand is an experience, a feeling experienced by many individuals, and the employer brand is no exception, quite the contrary.

The employer brand takes shape in what makes your uniqueness - your pillars (you know, your strengths such as autonomy, continuous development, flexibility...). It is concretely deployed, day by day, embodying the values, the mission, and above all, the culture of your company.

For example, an organization that advocates for sustainable development likely has a green committee at the office, waste collection days, and unites to raise funds for causes close to their hearts... You see, it's not so complicated; it's about putting into action, with your employees, those famous strengths that distinguish you from another employer.

To make your employer brand a real asset, here are the 3 resolutions you must take (and activate!) this year.

A strong culture, focused on the human element

The corporate culture is the DNA of your employer brand. Imagine your culture as a contagious and dynamic energy, an ecosystem conducive to the flourishing of talent. Makes you want to collaborate, right? Now, with your 2024 corporate objectives in mind, quickly assess your corporate culture... Be honest, do you really have what it takes? What truly motivates and encourages your employees to invest themselves with you? Remember, "what you don't have", your organizational weaknesses, that's exactly what you need to improve. And it is on this that you must anchor the evaluation of your KPIs.

Personalize the employee experience (and your willingness to improve it)

The era of personalization also affects employee management; no one has the same needs and objectives. In marketing, we often say "One size Fits None", which means the necessity of personalizing strategies, recognizing that each individual is unique.

This is even truer in HR marketing. This small revolution in the world of work highlights the importance of recognizing, celebrating, and responding to the singularities of each employee. Rather than a generic approach, it's an invitation to embrace diversity and create flexible and inclusive work environments.

Recognize and Reward

"Your employees don't care about your employer brand"

This statement is still part of our discourse at sept24. Your talents want to be listened to, valued, and they want to play a key role in the realization of your company's mission. Make sure they know they contribute to something great. And that it's thanks to them that you are where you are as an organization.

Recognition thus goes beyond simple material benefits; it must also be emotional and professional.

Think about it!

Bonus Resolution: Exceed Employee Expectations!

To make your employer brand shine, you need to listen, dialogue, and adapt based on what your employees tell you. In 2024, we challenge you to engage in a sincere and coherent approach to positively mark the minds of everyone who interacts with your employer brand. Happy New Year to you… and your employees!

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