Simplify time management

Overtime, leaves of absence, vacation, absences, scheduling: time management is much more complex than just controlling worked hours.

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Time management & expense reports

Time management software applications are becoming essential tools for managers who have access in real time to all the relevant information to manage efficiently their teams: work schedules, absences and time off, activities.

Time management and scheduling are now strategic issues for companies that want to:

  • Optimize their productivity
  • Comply with existing legislation
  • Improve the quality of life at work
  • Assign work hours as efficiently as possible

SIGMA-HR, a feature-rich time management software

With the SIGMA-HR time management module and its functionalities available from a smartphone, HR managers can provide concrete solutions to employees who want more flexible work schedules.

With the SIGMA-HR software work time and attendance management module, you can manage all types of work schedules: regular work schedules, variable work schedules, rotating shifts. By using the employee scheduling tool in SIGMA-HR, you can make sure there is a perfect match between your needs and your resources.

The SIGMA-HR software also allows you to manage the absences and leave of your employees.

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Time off and absences

Dematerialize and simplify the management of time off and absences

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Time and activities

Track efficiently the number of worked hours and the profitability of your projects and activities

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Optimize your scheduling and anticipate the fluctuation of your activities

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Expense reports

Dematerialize the management of your expense reports

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