How to Build Optimized Schedules with SIGMA-HR ?

In a transforming work environment, flexibility in schedule management is critical for businesses. SIGMA-HR supports its clients in this challenge by offering a highly efficient advanced collaborative planning software, "Workforce Labor Optimization".

Insights from Renaud Grimard, Vice President of SIGMA-HR’s Workforce Management Suite.

How to Build Optimized Schedules with SIGMA-HR ?

Why is managing work schedules complex ?

Flexibility in work requires companies to adjust to labor shortages, remain competitive, and provide a better work-life balance by allowing employees to customize their schedules. This complexity is especially pronounced in sectors requiring physical presence or continuous service. Legislative constraints on schedule management and the diversity of employment contracts add further complexity. Organizations that offer flexibility and balance will distinguish themselves.

To address this challenge, you offer an advanced collaborative planning solution, "Workforce Labor Optimization"

What are its main features?

This solution facilitates automatic and optimal schedule creation, adhering strictly to regulations, employment contract terms, and individual preferences. It accounts for availability, skills, and contractual requirements to establish precise schedules, then optimizes assignments based on predefined criteria. The bidding feature for work slots is highly appreciated as it allows employees to select and prioritize their schedules, simplifying management for employers and enhancing the experience for employees.

What makes your solution unique?

Our solution, easy to configure and use, complies with all applicable HCM standards and regulations. Integrated with our comprehensive HCM solution, it also stands out for its flexibility, offering extensive customization to meet specific scheduling needs. Fast implementation automates most administrative tasks, thus eliminating human error risk.

Renaud Grimard