GardaWorld transforms its OHS management for over 35,000 employees in Canada

Thanks to intelligent solutions from SIGMA-HR, the multinational directly addresses its growing OHS challenges and ensures uniform and integrated management from coast to coast.

GardaWorld transforms its OHS management for over 35,000 employees in Canada

GardaWorld, recognized for its security services, integrated risk management and cash handling solutions, enjoys a solid reputation with a presence in 43 countries and more than 132,000 employees. GardaWorld Security - – Canada and GardaWorld Cash Services – Canada (hereafter "GardaWorld") were, however, facing a significant challenge: to modernize and centralize the management of occupational health and safety (OHS), primarily the portion related to the management of workers' compensation claims for its more than 35,000 Canadian employees. "Our company is distinguished by a range of services and the decentralization of our operations, two of our most notable characteristics," explains Andrée-Anne Desmeules, National OHS Director at GardaWorld Security - Canada.

“The solution quickly became a working tool.”

These feature-rich modules have transformed OHS management at GardaWorld by:

  • Automating processes,
  • Centralizing data,
  • Minimizing errors,
  • Analyzing data to support decision-making, and much more.

"The solution quickly became a working tool for our OHS advisors and a source of credible information for the entire organization," emphasizes Ms. Desmeules.

The transformative impact of SIGMA-HR at GardaWorld

Act where it matters and reduce costs

SIGMA-HR has allowed GardaWorld to lay the foundations for OHS management focused on OHS prevention and cost reduction.

"SIGMA-HR certainly helps us identify trends in accidents," says Ms. Desmeules. "This helps us better target the actions to take and the places where our actions will have the most significant impact."

The OHS director also notes that the solution has played a significant role in reducing costs associated with OHS. "Having a standardized way of doing things, being able to follow the actions taken in real time, and having a place where all the information is recorded has definitely been a value-added change."

Ending the Excel era and scattered data

SIGMA-HR has not only allowed GardaWorld to end the era of outdated Excel tracking, but it has also provided an integrated platform where crucial information is immediately accessible and customizable. Thus, GardaWorld has addressed its immediate challenges and established smarter OHS management.

GardaWorld remains at the forefront of safety standards while cultivating a work environment where prevention is a priority.

When flexibility and efficiency meet

The support offered by SIGMA-HR's support service plays a fundamental role in GardaWorld's experience. Ms. Desmeules specifies: "Each person greets us with kindness and openness. Over the years, their progression has enriched our support, making it more extensive and tailored."

This support is essential for meeting the specific needs of a company like GardaWorld.

In this context, the flexibility of SIGMA-HR proves to be a major asset. It allows GardaWorld to adjust the solution to its unique requirements autonomously. "The system gives us enough latitude to, for example, add fields to ensure we comply with certain obligations. This way, we can put control measures in place," explains Ms. Desmeules.

This adaptability, combined with the ability to train internal teams to manage changes without calling on the support team, makes SIGMA-HR a valuable tool for GardaWorld.

"For me, these criteria are very important," emphasizes the OHS director. "And it is notably for this reason that I would recommend the SIGMA-HR solution to other companies."