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SIGMA-HR CSR reporting module

Easily produce your corporate
social responsibility reports

More and more companies are aware of their social and environmental impacts, and they produce reports, on a voluntary basis, on their corporate social responsibility (CSR). SIGMA-HR software allows you to produce easily your CSR reports by consolidating the social and environmental data that is centralized and archived in SIGMA-HR: employee files, job postings, absences, training, exposures to risks, workplace accidents, etc.

With the SIGMA-HR software, you will have several statistics at your disposal to produce your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reports. You will be able to demonstrate your social and environmental commitment and easily produce your CSR reports. 

Simplify CSR data collection with
SIGMA-HR CSR reporting module

Your CSR reports must explain the social and environmental actions that were implemented to support sustainable development, and the social and environmental consequences of your company’s activities.

The SIGMA-HR CSR module allows you to:

  • Calculate and update automatically the HR indicators in your CSR report
  • Import CSR data from third-party software applications or Excel files
  • Create custom data collection questionnaires that can be completed by designated people in your organization
  • Consolidate your CSR data

With SIGMA-HR, your CSR reports will be more reliable, and you will spend less time producing such reports.

Customize your CSR reports

data collecting report

The great flexibility of the SIGMA-HR CSR reporting module allows you to use simple configuration tools to create custom data collection questionnaires that include the indicators of your choice.

With the SIGMA-HR CSR module, managing CSR campaigns becomes a simple and efficient task, and you will always have access to up to date information.

Your CSR commitment is reinforced and understood by all. This can only have a positive impact on your employer brand and the commitment of your employees.

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