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The Montreal Tower, future exceptional offices

The Olympic Park

The Olympic Park was designed and created by the audacious architect Roger Taillibert. It was built as part of the 1976 Summer Olympics and to host the city’s baseball team: the Montreal Expos.

Since its inauguration, this totally atypical park has welcomed more than one hundred million visitors to its 4 points of attraction: whether to admire the city of Montreal from the top of its tower, to attend an event presented in the Stadium (sports, musical events, etc.), to train in one of the city’s most prestigious sports centres or to take part in an outdoor activity on its Esplanade (Les Jardineries, First Fridays Foodtrucks, etc.).

The Olympic Stadium, with its 56 000 seats, is the only building in Quebec to host such large-scale events. More than forty years after its construction, the Olympic Park is an architectural ensemble with undeniable heritage value, particularly from a historical, architectural, and urban point of view.

The Olympic Park is an international emblem and is very recognizable, thanks to its famous Montreal Tower.

At a height of 165 metres and with its 45-degree angle of inclination, it is the tallest inclined tower in the world.

The Montreal Tower is listed in most travel guides about Montreal. It is considered a must-see site in Montreal, representing a true symbol of the city abroad and reminding everyone of the presence of this exceptional place.

The Montreal Tower, future exceptional offices at the height of SIGMA-HR’s ambitions

As of April 1, 2021, the new offices of SIGMA-HR Solutions will be located in the Montreal Tower of the Olympic Stadium, with a breathtaking view of the city and its river. The expansion and growth of the company are at the origin of this change.

The incredible work done by the Olympic Park in renovating the tower and its location in the east end of the city fits perfectly with SIGMA-HR’s values and ambitions.

The modern and welcoming offices that reflect SIGMA-HR’s corporate identity, will be located on the 10th and 11th floors of the Olympic Tower and will accommodate up to 80 employees. Between the agile places, the living spaces, the access to the sports centre and the most beautiful view of the island of Montreal: everything has been thought out to offer employees optimal working conditions.

Since the Olympic Park is a a true living space that is easily accessible (regardless of the means of transportation), it is an ideal location to continue the development of the company and its values.

On July 9th, SIGMA-HR’s employees were surprised to discover that their future office would be located in the Montreal Tower.

Watch their reactions when they learn the news.

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