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SIGMA-HR software implementation service

A proven project management method

Implementation service with custom configuration
for your HR software

Our project management method is the result of 25 years of experience. We will customize your SIGMA-HR software to ensure the software is tailored to your needs and processes.

All our consultants and project managers have a keen understanding of processes in the fields of HR, talent management, time management or occupational health and safety. They will be able to understand your current processes and customize the solution to your organization.

A 5-step implementation process



Prepare the planning



Perform needs analysis and describe processes



Customize the application and train the administrators



Test the solution and make adjustments to fully meet your needs



Go live and train end-users

formation administrateurs

Training tailored to your needs

Training is a crucial step in the deployment process because it allows the key users of SIGMA-HR to acquire the skills they will need to manage the application on their own. If you want, we can also train the end-users.

We customize the training contents on the expertise level you want: using the basic functionalities of each module, customizing the screens, creating workflows to manage your approval processes, creating statistics, etc.

All training is given by our consultants who have a thorough knowledge of the SIGMA-HR software and HR issues, as well as a solid training experience.

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