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SIGMA-HR work relations
management module

Enhance the dialogue

The SIGMA-HR software work relations management module allows you to input and manage the various grievances according to the established processes and to define and manage the collective agreements governing work relations. 

It provides a platform to enhance the communication between the employees, their representatives and the employer to promote the satisfaction and the productivity of the HR department.

Managing work relations as a strategic
tool for organizational development

The management of work relations consists of defining strategies, standards and practices that promote the establishment and maintenance of healthy, fruitful and harmonious relationships between the employer and employees, their representatives and government authorities.

If you focus on healthy work relations and effective dialogue, your company can face the new challenges brought by the transformation of society, human resources, and the current context: shortage of labor, digitalization of HR function, health and economic crisis, etc.

Planning the management of work relations becomes essential for the good development of companies and optimizing their organizations.

SIGMA-HR, a personalized tool for managing
your work relations and related documentation

grievance management - work relations


  • Management of individual & collective grievances
  • Management of union affiliations
  • Filing and monitoring grievances
  • Internal settlement procedure
  • Arbitration
  • Quick status display
  • Entry of all parties involved
  • Expense tracking and estimation
  • Follow-up notes and associated documents

Collective agreements:

  • Documentation of articles
  • Management of disputed articles
  • Management of letters of understanding
  • Negotiation support

Disciplinary measures:

  • Description of the event
  • Types of measures and duration
  • Subsequent measures
  • Measure follow-up
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