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SIGMA-HR work time and attendance
management module

Efficiently follow up time
worked and scheduling

Having a flexible work schedule is crucial for employees who are striving for a positive work-life balance. However, custom work schedules require rigorous monitoring of work time. By using a reliable time management software, you can more efficiently monitor work time and overtime.

Efficiently monitor work time with
the SIGMA-HR time management module

With the SIGMA-HR software work time and attendance management module, you can manage all types of work schedules: regular work schedules, variable work schedules, rotating shifts. By using the employee scheduling tool in SIGMA-HR, you can make sure there is a perfect match between your needs and your resources.

The SIGMA-HR time management module allows you to:

  • Record your employees’ clock in / clock out, as well as their break time
  • Calculate the number of hours worked each day, as well as the number of overtime hours
  • Accrue time banks

The SIGMA-HR software also allows you to manage the absences and leave of your employees.

Record work time with time clocks or timesheets

Time Sheets

Depending on your company’s need, the following methods can be used to record work time:

Time clock

With time clocks, the number of worked hours is highly reliable, because the clock in and out cannot be questioned or changed. You are alerted in real-time in case of absences or late arrivals. This method also ensures that all your employees’ worked hours are processed fairly.

Clocking in or out on a smartphone or a computer

With SIGMA-HR, it is possible to clock in or out from a smartphone or a computer by using the HR self-service. This solution allows you to record the number of worked hours without having to buy or install physical time clocks. It also allows you to simplify the monitoring of work time for your mobile workers who must clock in and out when they’re out of the office.


With an electronic timesheet, employees can enter their work time manually or automatically from their HR self-service. If needed, they can enter their work time per project, customer or activity. This would allow you to monitor the profitability of your projects, the gap between the estimated work time and the actual work time, or simply invoice work time by project or customer.

No matter the method you choose, all supervisors can quickly process any discrepancy and monitor the work time of their employees.

Simplified payroll calculation with SIGMA-HR
work time and attendance management module

Overtime, vacation, and absences must all be considered when calculating your employees’ pay.

With the SIGMA-HR software time management module, the preparation of pay slips is faster and easier because the system allows you to export the hours worked and the hours of absence so they can be integrated to your payroll system. You will save precious time and avoid errors caused by duplicate entry.

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