SIGMA-HR skills management software

Develop your employees’ skills and anticipate your needs for the future

By managing skills efficiently, companies can remain successful and competitive while anticipating their future needs. In the current context of labor shortage, skills planning becomes a strategic issue.
The SIGMA-HR skills management software helps HR managers develop their employees’ skills so they can keep up with technological changes, and plan to replace talents who are retiring.

Simplify the creation of position records with the SIGMA-HR skills management software

With the SIGMA-HR skills management software, you can define your position records with great precision: description, type, strategic significance, tasks, collective agreement, requirements, work schedules, employment status, salary scale, etc.
The more your position records are precise, the more you will save time in your daily HR tasks because this information is used to:

Map your employees’ skills

With the SIGMA-HR skills management software, you can list and evaluate efficiently the skills of your employees. This evaluation can be done during the recruitment interviews, the annual evaluation or after a training session.
The SIGMA-HR tools will allow you to analyze the gap between the employee’s skills and the position requirements, and to help each employee develop their skills if needed.
With such tools, it is easier to propose training that is customized to each employee’s needs and to elaborate an efficient training plan.
You can also anticipate future retirements and ensure potential successors will acquire additional skills by creating for them an individual training plan.

Improve internal mobility and retention

In a context of labor shortage, anticipating replacement is essential.
Internal mobility is a solution that is faster, more efficient and less costly than external recruitment if you can quickly identify which people can hold a vacant position.
By analyzing the skills of your employees and the skills required for a position, you can more easily find who can currently hold a position, because they already have the required skills, and who will be able to hold this position later once they have been trained to reach the required skill level.
Implementing an internal career development strategy will also enable you to improve your employees’ satisfaction, commitment, and retention.

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