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SIGMA-HR talent management module

Optimize the management of your human capital

In the current context of labor shortage, talent management is a strategic challenge for companies. More than ever, the HR department must attract the best candidates, retain them and develop their skills.

Companies must also anticipate social and technological transformations that have significant consequences on professions and expected skills. Some people say that 50% of the jobs of tomorrow have not yet been created.

The implementation of training actions to develop employees’ skills is therefore essential to maintain their employability in a constantly changing working environment.

Anticipating these changes has become a key element to remain competitive in a globalized market. A well-developed employer brand, flexible work schedules, quality of life at work are all elements that make it possible to attract the best applicants who are no longer selected solely on their knowledge and technical skills, but also on their relational skills, which is a key element when recruiting new talents.

SIGMA-HR, versatile and user-friendly talent management software

The SIGMA-HR talent management software efficiently supports companies in the management of recruitment, training, skills, and evaluations.



Quickly identify the best talents
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Simply organize your annual evaluations
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Build an effective training plan and control your training budget
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Anticipate your needs and develop your employees' skills
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