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SIGMA-HR occupational health
and safety (OHS) software

Protect your employees’ health and safety while reducing your contributions to the workers’ compensation board

All employers are required to identify, control and eliminate the hazards to protect their employees’ health and safety. It is also the employer’s responsibility to notify their employees of the risks associated with their work and to train them to work in a safe manner.

The prevention of occupational risks goes beyond compliance with legal obligations, because Occupational Health and Safety raises several challenges:

  • Human challenges: improve working conditions and enhance workplace wellness
  • Social challenges: improve labor relations and the company image
  • Economical challenges: reduce the absence rate and improve productivity
  • Financial challenges: control the contributions to the worker’s compensation board
  • Legal challenges: reduce the risks of lawsuits

In companies, several people are involved in the management of occupational health and safety: top management, health and safety manager, representatives from the health and safety committee, HR managers, training managers, supervisors, financial managers. It can be overwhelming to have a global vision of existing risks and their associated preventive measures while ensuring a day to day follow-up.

SIGMA-HR, a feature-rich occupational health and safety
management software

The SIGMA-HR OHS software (Occupational Health and Safety) is the result of almost 30 years of expertise, and it allows you to optimize the management of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) so you can be more efficient.

Work accidents and occupational diseases

Ensure work accidents and occupational diseases are managed efficiently to reduce your contributions to the workers’ compensation board.
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Occupational risks

Assess your occupation risks and list your preventive actions.
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