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HR continuity plan management module

Manage communication in time of crisis

Centralize communication with
your employees to facilitate
your HR continuity plans

In the event of a health crisis or natural disaster, organizations are expected to be flexible, and this is not always easy to implement for your employees and your HR teams who are not prepared for these exceptional situations. Thanks to the HR service continuity management portal, you can quickly set up HR processes, centralize information, and facilitate communication with your employees.

How to ensure continuity of services and maintain unified and transparent HR communication
in the event of a crisis?

In the event of a crisis, the human resources department must be flexible and available in order to set up the necessary processes, reassure employees and above all to maintain constant communication.

An unusual and anxiety-provoking situation will bring its share of questions on the part of employees regarding the implementation of the various processes to be followed and unforeseen upheavals:

  • What financial assistance am I entitled to if I am infected with a virus or if I am placed in quarantine?
  • I can not work from home because I have to keep my child under 16 years old what else possibility is there?
  • My employer must place me on partial / technical unemployment what will my remuneration be?
  • Can my employer force me to take time off?
  • What are my employer’s responsibilities if the business has to close temporarily?

How to communicate effectively with your employees when your communication channels are saturated? How do you get the right messages out even though the situation is subject to daily changes, decrees are made and unmade and you don’t always have the answers?

The HR Services continuity management module of SIGMA-HR thanks to the provision of a knowledge base to employees and its automated forms allows you to ensure the continuity of HR Services, to communicate in a consistent and constant manner and face today’s HR challenges.

etablir son document unique d'évaluations des risques professionnels

SIGMA-HR portals, a technical solution to support your employees in crisis management:

Easily and quickly deploy a crisis management portal that could allow your strategic HR teams to:

  • Offer your employees and managers a knowledge base of questions and answers to reduce significantly the number of incoming requests (calls, emails, etc.) and accelerate the dissemination of information;
  • Give employees the possibility to open a ticket if they do not find an answer to their questions in the knowledge base. These tickets would be assigned to your HR teams who would provide the appropriate answers. These tickets would then be used to update the knowledge base;
  • Publish in a single place all the guidelines from the Administration and related documents.

Web and mobile solutions.

COVID-19 and challenges

We are currently facing an exceptional situation with the accompanying challenges: preventive confinement, telecommuting, extended leave, layoff, daily government guidelines, economic slowdown. The current crisis creates a work revolution for which organizations were not prepared. It requires that companies establish daily action plans and become highly responsive. HR teams must rethink and optimize their processes, which are often complex to adapt to the current circumstances.

Whatever your new issues, our software supports your HR teams in your new challenges. Developing tools to meet and optimize complex human resources processes is – and has always been – the vocation of SIGMA-HR.

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