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Unleash the power
of your HRIS with
the SIGMA-HR software
Solution for companies with more than 300 employees

SIGMA-HR: an innovative approach to human resources management

SIGMA-HR, a unique and global solution to simplify and optimize the management of human resources and occupational health and safety

HRIS software from SIGMA-HR

With our HRIS: place the human capital at the heart of your company’s strategic decisions.

HR administrative management

Simplify the administrative management of your human resources: new hires, positions, compensation, terminations, etc.
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Talent management

Optimize talent management: recruitment, annual evaluations, skills, training, career.
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Management of work time and time off

Efficiently manage work time while complying with legal obligations: work schedule, time off, absences, attendance, scheduling, etc.
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Quickly generate your reports on Corporate Social Responsibility.
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Expense reports

Easily manage business expenses and speed up the reimbursement process.
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Human resources management also means improving employee safety

SIGMA-HR also enables you to effectively manage Occupational Health and Safety.

Management of work accidents

Track efficiently workplace accidents and reduce their frequency and severity.

Generation of WCB form 7 across the provinces

Control your annual contributions paid to the worker compensation board.

Risks management

Assess your risks and manage your prevention plan.

Whatever your position, the SIGMA-HR software will
exceed your expectations!


  • Participate in strategic decisions
  • Anticipate trends and evolutions
  • Support the digital transformation


  • Seamlessly publish your job offers
  • Identify the best applicants
  • Ensure a successful onboarding process for new employees


  • Identify training needs
  • Promote internal mobility
  • Build effective training plans


  • Control your workplace accident contributions to the compensation boards
  • List your preventive measures
  • Assess occupational risks


  • Develop your team’s skills
  • Objectively measure performance
  • Enhance commitment

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What our satisfied clients
have to say about SIGMA-HR:

“We were impressed by the customization options and the ease of use of SIGMA-HR. Centralizing all HR data has allowed us to save time and to prevent errors from duplicate entry.”
HRIS development manager, La Ligue de l’enseignement
“With SIGMA-HR, we have better control on our employees’ exposure to occupational risks. We are also saving a lot of time when managing work accidents.”
HR development manager, FMGC
“With its integrated modules and its automation tools, SIGMA-HR allows the HR department to help our organization reach its objectives. It is a flexible HRIS that was customized to our processes.”
Human resources supervisor, ERT Technologies

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