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Scheduling human resources is a key issue for companies because poor management of work schedules can have negative impacts in terms of organizational, economic, legal or social outcomes. Be more responsive with SIGMA-HR!

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Simplify the scheduling of work schedules

With the SIGMA-HR scheduling module, you will optimize the human resources scheduling by considering your objectives, the activities that must be performed, the skills of your employees and their availabilities.

You can quickly check if enough employees have been scheduled for your needs, and then you can adjust the scheduling to prevent over staffing or under staffing. Having a better match between your needs and your resources allows you to improve your customers’ satisfaction because you will provide them the expected service level or perform all deliveries on time.

The SIGMA-HR software scheduling module also allows you to be more reactive to fluctuating activities or unplanned events (absences, work accidents), since replacing or loaning staff is simplified when a centralized tool is used.


Comply with HR legislation on work time

Labor law requirements include rules pertaining to the number of daily or weekly hours of work, overtime, break time, lunch time, and weekly rest periods. When scheduling your employees, it is crucial to comply with these legal obligations and with all collective agreements in force in your company.

In the SIGMA-HR scheduling module, HR managers define the rules that must be respected according to the law or the collective agreement. Operation managers receive an alert if their scheduling doesn’t comply with the rules defined by the HR managers. They can quickly modify their scheduling to comply with regulatory limitations.

Improve your control over your total payroll

Used with our Global HR solution, the SIGMA-HR scheduling module allows managers to prepare quickly and efficiently their employees’ schedules because they have access to all relevant information: scheduled absences, medical clinics, training days, etc.

They can also anticipate any fluctuation of activity and find the best solution to implement: request overtime, create a temporary job, etc.

The total number of hours worked for a day is displayed in real-time in the scheduling tool to ensure managers are notified of absences or late coming. They can also compare the scheduled hours and the hours effectively worked.


Increase your employees’ satisfaction

With the SIGMA-HR scheduling module, you can consider your employees’ personal commitments to promote work-life balance.

In addition, using the SIGMA-HR scheduling module ensures that your employees are treated fairly and with greater transparency when preparing their work schedules.

All these elements improve the employees’ satisfaction and reduce their turnover rate.

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