Efficiently manage your occupational hazards

SIGMA-HR is the ideal tool to help you identify your occupational risks, to implement your prevention plan and corrective measures and to protect the health of your employees.

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Occupational hazards

Occupational risk management module

Companies must protect the physical and mental health of their employees. One way to do this is to identify your employees’ occupational risks and then implement preventive measures and training activities.

The objective is to reduce the risks, and consequently, work accidents and occupational diseases.

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Software that identifies occupational risks based on your criteria

With SIGMA-HR occupational risk module, you can easily list and assess your occupational risks by using your own custom criteria: mechanical risks, physical risks, chemical risks, biological risks, psychological risks, etc.

By defining the work units, positions, sites and occupations, you can quickly assign risks to your employees. As soon as you identify a new risk, for example after a workplace accident or an occupational disease is reported, you can immediately update your list of risks.

Each risk is assessed by using criteria such as its frequency and severity. You can also specify your level of control for this risk and add a picture that illustrates the risk. By assessing the risks, you can easily set the priorities and implement an action plan for the most dangerous risks.

With SIGMA-HR OHS module geolocation functionalities, you can quickly identify the most dangerous areas in your company to schedule the appropriate corrective measures.

With SIGMA-HR risk management module, the date of the next evaluation is recorded, and you will get a reminder to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Effectively manage chemical risks, exposure to asbestos and exposure to radiation

SIGMA-HR software risk management module allows the Occupational Health and Safety department to track closely chemical risks:

  • Identify all chemical products used in the company (class and category of hazard, hazard statement, pictogram, precautionary statement)
  • Access the chemical products safety data sheet (SDS)
  • Identify work units
  • Manage accidental exposures to a chemical product
  • Assign protective equipment

With the SIGMA-HR software, you can monitor your employees’ exposure to chemical risks, asbestos, and radiation and protect their health.

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Efficiently follow up your risk prevention plan

SIGMA-HR risk management module allows you to track the existing prevention methods, the corrective measures that must be implemented, and the protective equipment that is currently used.

You will be able to prepare an efficient risk prevention plan (training, purchase of material, poster campaign, etc.) that addresses the potential danger of each risk, and the priority of corrective measures that must be implemented. For each corrective measure, you can track in real time the level of implementation, and compare the estimated cost and actual cost.

With SIGMA-HR risk management module, you can manage simply all individual protective equipment: tracking dates when the use of the equipment was started, producing reminders when equipment must be checked or when it must be replaced, anticipating needs, etc.

You can also track efficiently the expiration date of skills related to occupational health and safety. SIGMA-HR OHS module can alert you before the expiration date of an employee’s skill. This way you can register these employees to the appropriate refresher training course to ensure their skills are up to date.

Several dashboards allow you to track the impact of your prevention plan on your accident rate or on your employees’ exposures to risks.